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About the Artist

Laura is a fiber artist from the Midwest, now stationed in Savannah, Georgia. Nothing makes her happier than when she's creating.

From teaching watercolor painting lessons to collecting and selling vintage clothes (and so many things in between), she has dabbled in many creative businesses over the years. Making has always been the core of her life, and she ultimately turns everything into an artistic project. While she doesn't always know where she's heading creatively, she's confident that she'll continue to learn and grow as an artist no matter where life takes her. 

Currently, Laura is pursuing a BFA in Fibers at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

Upcycled vintage towel outfit worn by Laura Reiss

About Cult Classics

Cult Classics re-imagines the possibilities of vintage textiles. From towels to quilts, you’re sure to spot something nostalgic in these garments. Upcycling is a fairly new trend, but our ancestors have been doing it for years. It’s time to ditch the normal and embrace the unique and bespoke.

About the Pieces

All clothing is handmade from vintage and repurposed linens, towels, curtains, sheets, blankets and fabric. Each item is unique and can not be reproduced. Items will have flaws, as most of the linens are 40+ years old. These pieces have stories! They have complicated pasts and bright futures. 


All fabric is washed, stains are treated, fabric is ironed, folded and stored until it is ready to be designed into a wearable garment. The pieces are all hand cut and sewn by me into the bespoke pieces you see in my shop.

Almost every aspect of my process is secondhand, from the t-shirts to the doilies and sometimes even the thread! Inspiration often strikes when I see a delicate piece of embroidery discarded in a bin at a thrift store, just waiting for it's second (or third or fourth) life. 

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