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Hi, I’m Laura Reiss.

I am born and raised in the Midwest. Nothing makes me happier than when I'm creating.


I began up-cycling with fabric in 2020 and made hundreds of fabric masks from up-cycled bed sheets. From there, my sewing journey took off. Even though I learned to sew in elementary school, it hadn't played a huge role in my adult life. I've been thrifting and collecting for as long as I can remember, so up-cycling vintage fabrics just made sense. I find inspiration buried in the racks and so much joy in "the hunt". This feels like a natural progression in my creative pursuits. Cult Classics started as a vintage brand and has fully transitioned into an up-cycled clothing and accessory brand. I'm so excited to be here.

I studied art and taught watercolor painting lessons, painted many custom watercolor pet portraits, switched to acrylic painting (short-lived), spent years creating a rainbow of large and small fiber arts pieces, collected and sold vintage clothes, and ultimately turn everything into an artistic project. While I don't always know where I'm heading creatively, I'm confident that I'll continue to learn and grow as an artist no matter where life takes me. 

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