Hankie T-shirts are near and dear to my heart. Skip to the end if you aren't here for a story; although you should be---all these pieces have storeis! My grandmother, Laura Mae, inspired this collection. She herself is a storyteller and we not only thrift together, but tell eachother the stories behind the items we find and love. She gave me an old hankie (that we retrieved from a tin full of old, delicate BEAUTIFUL hankies she had collected) and I could immediately see it on the front of a classic vintage t-shirt. Days later, the hankie tee was born. 


Made from hand selected vintage t-shirts, paired with a vintage hankercheif, breathing new life into these once forgotten linens. Some tees are made even more spectacular by replacing the sleeves with lightweight hankies. Each t-shirt is unique, there are no two alike.


Size: XL

Measurements: coming soon!



Smell the Roses - Hankie Tee

  • All items are handmade from vintage and repurposed linens, towels, curtains, sheets, fabric, blankets and doilies. Each item is unique and can not be reproduced. Items will have flaws, as most of the linens are 40+ years old. These pieces have stories!

    Fabric is washed and stored until it is ready to be designed, hand cut and sewn into a unique wearable garment.